Tuesday, July 17, 2007

New home

Wendi and I moved into an amazing duplex/house last weekend. We LOVE the place! Hardwood throughout, 50's-style tile work in the bathroom, great patio/deck, wonderful location. Here are some photos of the new place: (I can't figure out what the text above the first picture is coming from.)

The kitchen

You can tell the house was built in the 50's with these pine cabinets.

Pink is not my favorite color, but I like this bathroom.

My bedroom

My bedroom again...the rest is messy so that's all you get to see.

My favorite part of the house! The pictures look so good against the red wall!

The bookcase is a built-in.

Another shot of the living room.

The landlady has so many plants and flowers on the patio.

This is what I wake up to everyday. :)