Monday, May 25, 2009

The Furminator

A friend kept telling me how great this product was, so I finally bought one. I was a skeptical about it's lauded acclaim. But I have been won over. Here is a picture from tonight; Boots and Sugar got a quick combing. This pile of fur is a quick run over, not a sit-down-forever-and-get-everything kind of brushing. Imagine how much fir I would get from a thorough brushing!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Ready for some pictures?

I'm gonna take you on a little tour of the job I work some Saturdays and my bedroom. Featured: my kitties and weird art work.

On an average of two weekends a month, I work at an art gallery. The owner is also the owner of the company I work for throughout the week. If you live in Nashville, you should come by and check it out. It is...interesting.

When there is little foot traffic on a given Saturday, I have to entertain myself. This last Saturday, I did a photo shoot of myself. :)

Don't you need, desperately need a red lips mirror in your hallway? You know you do!

And you know you want this photo hanging in your living room.

Isn't this exactly what you've been looking for?

There are some cool things in the gallery, but you have to LOVE color.

So, I found an area rug for my bedroom! Finally. I've been looking, waiting for the right one, at a good price. Here is the cool one I found on sale at The World Market. Can you tell I like animal prints? My chair has a leopard print throw on it.

My cats have a new toy...I spoil them. Sugar is modeling the new jungle gym.She looks like a professional model. If she is, I never see the money.

Of course, I have to show you pictures of my kitties. Boots doesn't cooperate like Sugar does for pictures. You only get a turned head most of time, like this...

Then she got with it...

And let us not forget Sugar...

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Drinking problems

I might have a drinking problem...

My desk usually has this many drinks and cups on it every day. I know, I need to get control of this issue ;) And yes, I usually have them in a straight line...I'm a perfectionist!

Some of you are asking for an update on the birthmark laser treatments. Here is a photo from the weekend...

You can see a darker spot on the chin. The rest of the chin and the cheek are reacting great to the laser. I know you can still see the birthmark but the color is so much lighter than before. I will probably have a couple more treatments then give it a rest for a while.