Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Oh! my knees!

I had my mouse sitting on the desk here at work until about twenty minutes ago. I decided to move it to the slide-out piece attached to the keyboard holder that is screwed into the bottom of my desk. A few years ago that simple procedure would have lasted a couple of seconds and I would have gone on about my business.

But...Mindy is not a spring chicken anymore. And that was proven just now. I had to kneel on the floor for only a couple of seconds while I pulled the cord from behind the desk. My knees are still hurting! When did my body start aching and hurting at the most simple things?!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

The comfort of family

The house is quiet. Mom, Dad and Steve are asleep. Bryan is probably home by now and might be in bed, too. My family, the five of us. We are your ordinary country family. There is nothing special about my family to the rest of the world but they are special to me.

I write these few thoughts as I sit in my parents house in Kentucky. Thanksgiving Day has been peaceful and comforting. Usually we have a big meal with tons of family at someone else's house. Not this year...we celebrated our thankful hearts at home with only us. And I must say it was nice.

For whatever reason, I began to miss my family the last few days. My homesickness came to a climax when my friend, Mandy, wrote a post about the familiarity of home. I think that is what gives us comfort around our own family, familiarity. You know the good, bad and the weird and lovable ways of each member. I sat at the table today and realized this was MY family. Not yours, mine. My family, who loves me unconditionally. They have put up with hours of me singing 'like' Sandy Patti. They have told me I look great when my new hairdo looked terrible. And they have watched me grow into the woman I now am. And they love me for it.

I'm completely comfortable around them. Why? Because they know me. They know everything. They know my good moods, they know the bad ones. :) They know my idiosyncrasies and I theirs. I know when I walk through the doors of my parents house I'm loved and wanted. Not many places in this world give me that comfort.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Not a well thought out post

This post is random, weird, everything. There is no one topic upon I wish to discuss or comment. So here go my thoughts...

Today is a gloomy day in Nashvegas. For those who don't know, Nashville has so endearingly been nicknamed Nashvegas. The other major Tennessee cities have been given the same love and care ;) Back to my gloomy day. Rain has been falling from the sky since last night and it's not letting up any time soon. I just want to go home and read a book while snuggled up with Boots in my extremely comfortable bed. Is that too much to ask? My boss would think so.

How is it that I choose the bank drive-through lane which has the lady that actually needs to do her business inside because she evidently needs to do more than deposit or withdrawal money? I have wonderful luck in this area!

There is a cute guy at work that doesn't notice me...My luck runs good in this area, too! For those who watch The Office on NBC, Kris reminds me of the character Jim. Yeah, he has that lovable and cute demeanor.

Well, Christmas is only five weeks away! Everyone scream and run around the room in a panic! That's what I feel like inside when I think of all the shopping I have infront of me and the small bank account to fund it. :) Friends and family, be ready to receive some innovative gifts from me this year. I'm not talking cheap stuff, just creative.

Has anyone noticed the resurgence of game shows on prime time television? Every night I see a new one. They look the same to me. The producers are looking for the same WOW factor or so it seems to me. Each new one has music that crescendos into madness and more dramatic twists than the previous one. How many pretty women can you hire to flaunt skin-tight dresses for one game show?

Back to work...

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Sleepless night

Ever had one of those nights where you can't fall asleep because your mind won't stop thinking of all the things that have to be done at work the next day? Last night was that way for me. Yesterday proved quite long and exasperating!

Computer programs are great to work with as long as they function as programmed and needed. But when one begins to have 'issues' - life is not pretty. Our credit card service online decided to stop working on multiple occassions yesterday. I was ready to pull my hair out by 5:00. Ok, so 5:00 is when I usually leave work - not yesterday.

Anyway, today is a new day. And it has helped that I got to work an hour early to do all the stuff that could wait for another day.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Opportunity wasted

Have you walked away from a situation or conversation realizing you did not see or take an opportunity presented you? I can think of many in my life! Maybe my own world seemed too important to even notice someone needing a quick word of encouragement. Maybe I felt put-out by offering my time or energy to be there for someone during a crisis. I can be so selfish.

During a team meeting, a man I traveled with in Life Action pointed out the times in the Gospels where Jesus tried to get away, to spend time alone. Almost every time He was unsuccessful. There would be a 'pressing' need in someone life, the disciples needed extra teaching, the Pharisees waiting in the shadows to pick apart every action and word. Hardly ever was there a silent, alone moment for Jesus.

Yet, He did not complain. He did not walk away from someone's need. He gave of His time, many times leaving none for Himself. Jesus embraced an opportunity to show God to the people no matter what was going on in His life at the time - perfect example would be the crucifixion. Remember all the things He said and did for people while enduring His death?

Are you tuned into the Spirit well enough to sense when an opportunity is before you?