Monday, January 28, 2008

Political rant

About a week ago The Tennessean printed an article on the dilemma black women voters were having this year. At first the article didn't bother me, but as time has gone on, I'm a bit irritated with it. I have looked through the archived stories but cannot find the article. I'll recap it here then tell my frustration with it.

The story spoke on the struggle black women voters have with this presidential election. They are torn between voting for gender or for race. Some people interviewed said they would be considered a traitor to their race if they voted for a certain female candidate rather than a certain male candidate. My frustration you ask?

Why is this a determining factor in who anyone votes for?! All my life I've been taught (and I believe rightly so) to look at someone for who they are on the inside not a skin color, see their character not their gender. Why is this moment any different?

If that certain female or male candidate was my choice, it would be because I see that person as the one who can lead this country better than any other one. My vote is based on if I think that individual would conduct the federal government's business the way I believe it should be done. It would have nothing to do with race or gender.

I know some will read this and get the wrong impress about me. I'm not saying with this post that race and gender has never been or will never be an issue with people. I'm not that stupid. But, if race and gender are to not be an issue, why the article?

Friday, January 11, 2008

Talk about timing!

Last night I was driving in Nashville when out of nowhere falls a piece of limb. It landed right on my windshield, as you can see from the picture. I was shocked, to say the least! I mean, what randomness!

Thankfully the repair will not be a drawn out process; there will be someone at my house tomorrow morning to replace the windshield. I'm still in shock from the experience.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

It's a new year

It's the time of year for people to make resolutions. I've never been big on making them but...this year I'm making one. I've allowed myself to gain weight over the last seven years. The weight gain has been slow but I've known I needed to do something about it the whole time.

As I write this, three different people have walked by my window, walking their dogs. So, starting tomorrow morning I am getting my bottom out of bed in time for a walk. The reason I'm writing this online? When people know of your intent, you tend to stick with it.

Good luck to everyone who has a resolution for this year!