Monday, October 29, 2007

The Unpracticed Discipline of Rest

You want me to sit down and do nothing?! You want me to spend a day or a few hours alone?! How am I supposed to get everything done that HAS to get done if I spend the afternoon sitting on my patio, reading?! Are you nuts?!

If you ask the typical person in the U.S.A. how they are doing, how would their reply sound? Most people answer that question "I'm good but busy!" they rush off to do the next thing on the list.

Last night at church God directed the speaker to teach on rest. I left there challenged to take the time to rest. His sermon was titled "The Unpracticed Discipline of Rest." I want to share my notes with you in hopes you take the challenge, as well, to exercise the discipline of resting as the Lord commanded.

*God built us for work.
*God built us for rest.
*So many times we get lost in that first point and forget the second one.

A. God created rest for us. Genesis 2:2-3
1. Sabbath - to cease, to stop.
2. Holy - set apart.
3. God reminded us to rest in Exodus 20:8-11
B. Why did God create rest for us?
1. We physically need it. Exodus 23:12
a. The medical field agrees that physical rest helps the body refresh itself.
b. Stress brings havoc to the body as time goes by.
2. We spiritually need it. Mark 4:18-20
C. Why do we find it difficult to rest?
1. Worries of this life.
2. Deceitfulness of wealth.
3. Desire for other things.
4. Trying to serve two masters. Matthew 6:24-24
*You wear yourself out by trying to serve God and this world.
D. How do we rest?
1. Stop wanting! Psalm 23
2. Take deliberate steps.
a. Turn the cell phone off.
b. Turn the television off.
c. Don't answer the phone or emails right away.
3. Learn to say no.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

New business venture

Recently, as of last night, I became a consultant for The Pampered Chef! If you have not had the opportunity to be around The Pampered Chef, let me tell you the company has amazing product! I have known of the company for some time now but hadn't taken the step to be a part of it. My roommate, Wendi, had a show at our house last week for The Pampered Chef. Once I saw the product up-close and personal, I was hooked!

This will be a good business venture for many reasons. One is the opportunity to meet new people. I know that sounds like I took it from a manual, but it's true. Lately I've been thinking of ways to get more involved with the people and places here in Nashville. Selling The Pampered Chef product will help me get out and meet new people.

Another reason for this decision is the money. I'm not struggling financially, but I'm not where I want to be in my finances as a 30-year-old woman. My goal is to be debt free in the next 5 to 7 years. It is difficult to save for the future with a car loan, school loans and everyday living expenses. I know many of one can relate in a big way to that.

The Pampered Chef will give me the opportunity to fulfill both of those above reasons. I'm excited! If you live in the Nashville area and would like to host a show, please email me at With Christmas right around the corner, November and December would be perfect times to host one. If you can't host a show but would like items from the company, I can place an order for you next time I order.