Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Blog from my roommate, Wendi

I just HAD to share this blog with you! My roommate, Wendi, is a 2nd grade teacher in the Nashville public school system. She came home yesterday with the biggest grin and uplifted spirit. You'll understand once you read the blog; this is from her myspace blog.

Teaching has its ups and downs, just like any profession. When the day is bad, its BAD. All ya want to do at the end of the day is eat some chocolate and call it a day. When it's good, you can't beat the feeling. There is nothing better than seeing a kid's lightbulb go on or practice a random act of kindness. I am always amazed by the kids in my class, year after year.
Today gave me the biggest high I've ever had since entering this profession. Last year was a fantastic year for me. My students were a riot and I loved it. One of those students, Blair, never ceased to amaze me. When she heard me singing with the music teacher, she actually said "Get some tomatoes y'all." PRICELESS.
Blair is at a different school this year, but we have managed to keep in touch. We had dinner earlier in the year, and she's still the same cool little girl. Well today, I decided to call her mom and ask if she wanted to meet up for lunch again. She said, "Oh, Miss Anderson, it's so funny that you called. Blair wanted to call you so badly yesterday. She went forward at church. She said, 'Mama, I'm ready to ask Jesus to come into my heart.'" You can imagine that I was crying on the other end of the line as her mother told me. I can't believe she wanted to call and tell me! Life doesn't get better than that. May I remember this day for the rest of my life.

Here's to you Blair!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Album release party

I attended a friend's album release party tonight. Rachel did a wonderful job and the coffee house she performed at has a great atmosphere. It was a fun night and it's exciting to see someone's career take off! Many of her friends came out to support her tonight, some even drove down from Louisville. Two of her sisters flew in as a suprise. I've attached a photo for all to see. Rachel has a myspace page which you can find through my myspace page.

Monday, January 22, 2007

What does your testimony say?

Have you seen the movie Saved? I'm watching it on TV right now. For those who are Christians, I suggest you watch it. This movie will challenge your witness to the unsaved around you, or at least your thoughts of how the unsaved view you.

One of my roommates has recently shown me how the love of God helps us love and minister to the people around us that are not living in God's light. She has shown a christian life that is completely different than what is portrayed in Saved. And I must say that the example she has demonstrated is very different than what many Christians would have given in this particular situation.

A friend of hers has been struggling with homosexuality. My roommate has remained his friend without condoning his actions. I have watched her struggle with remaining his friend while listening to him go on and on about his lifestyle. Just this past week, she received some wonderful news.

Her friend called to let her know he has rededicated his life to the Lord, has started going back to church and is attending a bible study! Wow! Just my opinion: I think my roommates continued friendship and prayers helped in that praise coming about. Would you have remained the guy's friend through these past two years?

Sad to say, I think many Christians would walk away from the person, right when they need us the most. God called us to love those around us, show them a love that goes beyond the surface. I pray that I will always show a love that reflects God's love.

I'm not saying her friend has completely walked away from the homosexual lifestyle. I know it will be a long process for him as he continues in his relationship with the Lord. But I believe he will grow more and more in the Lord as he yields his life to God. Are we willing to show the love of God with whatever our friends go through?

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Dental work

Everybody join me in the joy of being numb after dental work! Don't you just love the struggle of drinking something when you can't feel if you got the liquid in your mouth? Hopefully by lunch I will feel the right side of my mouth and tongue...I like lunch, so it's important to be able to eat.

Is it Friday yet? My mind has not been in full working order all week. I feel like an ADHD person. I can take sitting at my desk for only a short time when I MUST get up and walk around the office. Maybe next week will find me with a focused mind. :)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Birthdays and anniversaries

Silence is golden. Whoever came up with this quote had a brilliant mind. I understand this statement more as I get older and have the opportunity for silence every now and then. My coworker is gone for half an hour. Ah! The wonderful sound of nothing. Can I get a witness...

My dad turns 60 this year, in 18 days to be exact. The funny story about my dad's birthday of February 3: Dad was actually born just before midnight on February 2. My grandpa said he didn't want a groundhog kid, so he made the doctor record the time of birth February 3. I guess to be born on Groundhog Day was a bad luck/taboo thing at that time in history. Who knows? My grandpa has weird ideas anyway.

My friend, Janice, has a similar birthday story. Her mom had complications at Janice's birth. Janice was birthed a little before midnight but because of the complications, Janice was place to the side while the doctor attended to her mother. When the doctor had stabilized her mom, Janice was then pronounced 'delivered', on the next day. Her parents could have changed the birth certificate to reflect when Janice was actually born but her dad told her he left it so she would have a fun story to tell in the future.

When it came to my birth - I came right on my due date. I was a good girl. ;) No comments from the peanut gallery.

Along with turning 60, my dad will celebrate a 40 year wedding anniversary with my mom this year. What a milestone! The percentage of marriages that stay together that long is rapidly decreasing. I'm so proud of my parents for sticking it out and remaining together. They have set an example of love and steadfastness before me and my two brothers.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The joys of sickness

I haven't left my apartment since Sunday afternoon. Monday night brought a lovely intestinal/stomach illness. I was up most of Monday night and Tuesday morning with an upset stomach and bowels, that's the nice way of putting it :)

Except for the headache, today had been better. I've eaten only a third of a banana, five crackers and a couple spoonfuls of chicken noodle soup. My stomach is not happy with food at the moment. I hope to return to work tomorrow. I can just see all the work waiting for me.

My cat is very confused about mommie being home all day. But she is loving it...she wants to lay on my sore stomach. :( Not a good idea. Ok, time to get off of here. My head needs ibuprofen.