Monday, June 30, 2008

Anyone have some prozac?

After watching Reservation Road with Mandy last Friday night, I felt like I needed a good dose of anti-depressants! Great movie, made me like Joaquin Phoenix and Mark Ruffalo even more. But, let me tell ya, that movie has some seriously heavy material. I highly recommend it though.

From watching that movie to reading Mandy's recent post about movies, I offer you this quick ride through Mindy's thoughts.

Many people don't want to watch a movie that has heavy material or isn't light-hearted. I like my fair share of comedies and silly films but I also like a good soul-searching plot line. Reservation Road did that for me. When the movie ended, I had many things on my mind: Would I come forward if I had committed the crime? Would I be able to live with the guilt if not? How would I cope with losing a child? The list goes on and on, but I don't want to spoil the movie for you.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Just had to share

I think this outfit looks like a bag of powder blue coffee filters exploded! What is up with this dress...or whatever it is called. And, of course, the NIKE bag just completes the outfit.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

All over the place

I have the house to myself again this week. Wendi was home from her cruise for two weeks and then went to Florida. I enjoy the summer when she is out and about, it's like I have the summer off too!

You should have seen the dust and crap on the floor when we moved my office furniture yesterday. Talk about never getting a cleaning! We rearranged some printers and my desk, amazing how much bigger the office looks by a simple switch.

I love moving furniture around at home because it gives me the chance to do some deep cleaning. Wendi always says she comes back from a trip with a table or chair in a new spot.'s easier to move things and clean when no one is around.

While at Cafe Coco last Friday night, me and a couple of friends sat down at the table next to a guy using this:

That would be a hookah. Legally, you would place a smoldering ball of tea or tobacco on the top. You would blow and take a draw through the pipe attached to the side. I don't think this guy was smoking a legal substance. My friends and I were a little giggly when we left. I think the smoke got to us :)

I'm watching Larry King Live. They are showing live feeds of a foreclosure auction in Bakersfield, CA. What?! They aren't auctioning rugs or cars or silver pieces or oak tables. They are auctioning houses, thousands of them. Our country is messed up.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Time to move on

Have you tried the iced coffee at McDonald's? Well, I have. And many times. Evidently, I've gone to the McDonald's next to work too many times. How do I know? The lady took my money today and said, "Oh, you got your hair cut. It looks great!" I've been there enough for the cashier lady to say that?! Makes me want to stop going there.

New toilets were installed yesterday at work. New stuff is good. I like the thought of new bathroom fixtures since I'm slightly OCD about cleaning. But these toilets are weird. It's like the management decided it would be fun to order tall and narrow ones. You don't sit down as far and the seat is weird(I could elaborate, but won't).

Just thought you would like to know!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Nature calling

Last night, a friend who recently moved to town and I sat outside to enjoy the weather. We took advantage of the deck in the back and ate some cheesecake. Around 11PM a car pulls up, four guys get out of the car. We could tell they were headed to a party, two of them had six packs in their hands.

The guys didn't know Jennifer and I were around, which you will soon be very aware of. All four guys proceed to walk up to the wood fence across the road. I thought they were going to mess with the dogs on the other side. To our amazement they 'relieve' themselves at the fence. Yep, the four guys proceed to answer nature's call while standing just across the street from us!

Jennifer and I tried to muffle our laughter. We were absolutely dying of laughter at their expense! Finally, one of the guys notices us and we hear, "Oh, I see them." Then, the guys try to act like they didn't notice us and walk on into the house as though nothing happened.

Moral of the story: When going to a party, wait until you are at the party to start drinking; otherwise, you will need to answer nature's call on your way there.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Can I borrow that?

I'm following suit with two blog friends, Mandy and Crystal. Ready for some randomness?

I should be working right now. I have a pile of sales orders that need my attention but I don't feel like starting in on them just yet. I tend to have days like this - my brain won't focus on the task at hand, even though the task has to be done NOW.

My coworker, Michelle, is 37 weeks preggo. She went to the doctor this morning for a check-up. For the rest of the day, I get to hear blah-blah-blah this and blah-blah-blah that about the visit and baby and her body and...

I woke up this morning with a horrible realization: it's only Tuesday! How can I feel like I've worked a good three+ days and it only be Tuesday?!

I LOVE peanut butter. That's not new news to many of you, but I still wanted to say it. Peanut butter is a staple in my diet. Don't tell me about the fat and oils in peanut butter, I don't care! There is a great balance of vitamins and nutrients to fat and oils. So lay off the peanut butter! If I came up allergic to peanut, let's not go there. When I went to make lunch this morning, peanut butter sounded so yummy. So, Mindy is having a peanut butter and strawberry jelly 'samich' today. mmmmmmm

Sushi is such an interesting food option. Who would think rice, seaweed, avocado, and crab would go well together? AND, why does eel, cucumber, smelt roe(Google it if you don't know what it is), rice, seaweed, and egg taste so yummy? Sushi has become my new favorite food, second to peanut butter.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Wash that man right outta my hair

Not really...but this post IS about my hair. I did more than wash my hair tonight. I chopped it off! Towards the end of last year, my hair had grown out a good bit. It was time to cut it but I decided to continue growing it out; once the length got long enough, I would cut it and give it to Locks of Love. Well...I almost made it to the ten inch rule they have for a donation.

Tennessee is ablaze with heat and humidity! Even though hair flowing down my shoulders and back may sound and look pretty, the weight of it gave me headaches and made my back hot. It was time to take action. My hairdresser told me of some other organizations that will take eight or nine inch ponytails, so I can still donation my hair, just not to Locks of Love. Here is the new hairdo...

Like it?! I LOVE it! I've always liked my hair short, but I also like it medium length and long. Depending on what day you ask me, I'll give you a different answer about which way I like my hair. Notice how much hair I cut? I'm holding two ponytails! Two, full ponytails. I inherited some thick hair from my parents!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Feeling hot, hot, HOT!

To where did winter and spring disappear? Are they on vacation somewhere and not letting us join? My hair has decided to look like a balloon by utilizing the fizz it can produce so easily. I'm attempting to grow my hair long enough to donate it to Locks of Love, but this incessant heat and humidity might cut that growth short. No pun intended, but it was clever of me huh? :)

On Saturday, I took the opportunity to clean the house. The bathroom floor got a good scrubbing. Dirt and icky-ness could not withstand the power of my broom and mop! I love the look and smell of a clean house...AH! Breath in the clean smell of Lysol multiple surface cleaner ;) I higher recommend this product for general house cleaning jobs. The smell is great and it works on most surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom.

That last paragraph made me sound like a contributing writer for Good Housekeeping.

While eating my Life cereal for breakfast, I watched GMA. They were doing a report on women wearing/not wearing pantyhose in the workplace. Except for in winter's cold grip, I don't wear pantyhose anymore. I guess it's a fashion or social thing now to not wear them with most outfits. Back in the day, I wore them all the time. It was social acceptable and somewhat expected of a lady to wear them. My, times have changed.

The part that made my blood pressure rise slightly was the report of a company in Kansas where the male president required women to wear hoses as acceptable office attire. That in and of itself is not what made my blood pressure rise. It was the little fact that the males employed there did not have to wear ties anymore. That dress code had been modified a few years back.

So, do any of my female blog readers wear pantyhose except during the cold season?