Monday, September 29, 2008


Most people shy away from even the thought of transparency, let alone making oneself so. As I've developed my walk with the Lord, I've observed the act of being open and honest about the condition of my heart has helped me move forward. It is when I keep things to myself, when I see a truth in scripture that I'm not living, when I knowingly do things that are not useful, that's when I stop growing, that's when I don't sense the Spirit's guidance.

So, to open lines of communication back up with the Spirit and with whoever reads this blog (because I definitely know of only a couple), here is what I am learning with a new Bible study I'm in on Thursday nights.

The tongue - in the book of James, it is described as the little piece that controls large ships, horses, the spark to start a fire. My tongue has been let loose to do as it pleases. In recent years, I have let go of any control over this small member of my body. No more. I will purposefully guard words that come from my mouth.

I've been on the receiving end of an uncontrolled tongue. It is painful, sometimes those words can't be easily shaken off. I've also been on the giving end of an uncontrolled tongue. Oh! the heartache I've caused. So easy to open the mouth and let words pour out. Right?

How will this change me and those around me? If I've allowed complaints or gossip to fill our conversations, either from me or you, no more. I will try my hardest to not mention things that should not be said. I won't allow my friends to talk on and on to me with complaints or grumblings.

I want to live a life pleasing to the Lord. I can't do that as long as my tongue is used to simply make myself feel better. I want my words to be seasoned with grace, Colossians 4:6.

Monday, September 22, 2008


Today is the start of my favorite season, fall. Sometimes the seasons aren't as pronounced as they could be, but we still enjoy all four. That is one of the reason I love living in this area. Soon the leaves will change color, the morning air will be crisp, and I'll be outside on the patio just taking it in.

Nashville has been an interesting city as of late. Gasoline has turned this city upside down. Most of the country can drive up to any gas station and fill the tank up. Not so in Nashville! We have been waiting in long lines every time a shipment comes in. People are panicky and worried. I hope this situation ends soon. Last Saturday, I was stuck at home because my car was on empty, so was my roommate's car. It was a horrible feeling to know you can't just run down to the gas station and fill up. Luckily, my roommate was able to get gas in Murfreesboro.

Last Thursday, I started a new Bible study with ladies from the church. Let me tell you, it is kicking my butt! The premise is for the participant to do all the work. You are given verses to read. Then you have to paraphrase the verses, pull out principles, ask yourself if you are living those principles, and set a date for any obedience needed to live them out. I should be on day three but the Lord has me stuck on day two in James 1:19. Is my first response to listen or to speak or get angry?

You know, a song can remind you of a certain place in time. Trisha Yearwood sings a song just like that, The song remembers when. For me, the song the choir sang yesterday at church takes me back to a moment in my life. God used that song to speak deeply to my heart, healing a hurting heart. When I learned the choir was to sing this one, I was happy yet contemplative. God used yesterday to remind me how He worked in my life back then.

Off to another work week!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

To whom it may concern

Dear fellow Chinese food eater:

Your love for Chinese food is shared by many people, me included. General Tso Chicken is so yummy and the lo mein is mmmmmmm. So, when in a buffet line at 12:30PM, you need to practice this little thing called peripheral vision. It aids in seeing people in the same line as you without looking directly at them. This little diddy can tell you that a small step to the left or right will help the flow of traffic. Basically, stop hogging the line, making it impossible for others to approach the buffet the same time as you.

Hungry worker


Dear ragweed:

This will be short and sweet. LEAVE!

Your faithfully congested sinuses


To the general public:

There is a phenomena called hysterics. This takes place when people listen to a news channel 24/7 and then rush to remove their safe investments from a bank. If everyone takes their funds out of an institution, it goes bankrupt. If said business goes bankrupt, Wall Street panics and stocks fall. If stocks fall, more people take their money out of a FDIC secured account and place it under their mattress. At least in a bank that flops, you are guaranteed up to $100,000 per account. If the money is under your mattress, it is open game to burglars.

If we continue to do such things...well, read a U.S. history book starting around the year 1927. You'll see where that leads.

And, don't take out a mortgage you can't afford! Don't buy a new car at a high interest rate. You can wait for that new cell phone and those new shoes. Learn the term delayed-gratification, it does wonders for your pocketbook.

Waiting-it-out girl with no money anyway

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

September 12, 1977; Elvis had been dead for just under a month and the world needed a new star to adore. Ronald and Karen New finally got that daughter they wanted when Melinda Kaye came into the world a little after 11PM. The world would never be the same...OK, I'll stop with the crap.

In honor of birthday thirty-one, I give you thirty-one looks at Mindy through the years. Nothing like placing pictures online for all the world to see (or at least the few who read this blog). Enjoy the parade of hairstyles and clothes.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Looking back

Friday marks another year for me on the earth. I will be joining the thirty-something crowd as I place a one next to thirty. This birthday has made me think about so many things in my present life and the circumstances of the past that brought me to this moment. Oblige me as I take a stroll down memory lane; maybe you'll learn some new things about me on the way.

So many well meaning people ask me, "How is it that you are still single? Do you not want to be married? You must have a line of men calling on you." First off, GEESH! Why do people think it is OK to say such things to a single woman? Sorry, I almost went off on a wild goose chase. Any time a person asks of my single state in life, I'm reminded of a past relationship that was headed to marriage.

At the time, I couldn't see past marrying a particular man. My life revolved around him. UMMM...first red flag ladies. If your whole world revolves around a man, your priorities are totally off kilter. Putting a man at the center of everything you do is not going to bring joy or contentment. You will always be striving to please someone who will let you down, and repeatedly.

I didn't let go of that relationship easily. God for the most part had to pry it from my clinched fist. What relationship, either platonic or romantic, is worth it if you have to cling tightly, afraid of losing it if you loosen the grip? Believe me, my grip was very tight. And because of my tight grip, it hurt all the more when God was able to take it away. OH! The agony and depression I could have avoided if I had yielded my mind and heart to the Spirit from the start of that relationship. As God always is, He was so good to me in the healing process.

When I first graduated high school, I went to a Bible college in Missouri. My home church endorsed that school and my oldest brother went there too. I spent two years there before leaving to join Life Action Ministries. At the time I didn't realize I wasn't ready for college. I see it now. God knew I needed to be a part of that ministry. He did some amazing things in and through me during the three years I traveled. The college degree could wait, I needed to learn some things about life and God before finishing that area.

Of course, finishing college later brought challenges. The main issue I deal with is being my age and still trying to establish myself. Most people my age have a footing in this world, one I'm still striving for. I'll eventually get there.

I'm so blessed with a wonderful family! My mom and dad are examples of dedication, perseverance, dependability, and steadfastness. They will celebrate 41 years of marriage in November. How many couples today can boast of such a thing?! Not nearly enough.

I have two loving cats. I didn't grow up with pets in the house. Dad wouldn't allow pets to live inside and he didn't want to spend money on one. So, until recently I didn't have pets around. Now that I have two cats, I couldn't imagine life otherwise. Pets bring comfort when the day has been hard. They love you just because you are you. My cats can sense when I'm down and they snuggle up to me. They make me feel wanted and needed.

Have a rambled on long enough? I think so. I should be asleep by now.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The wisdom of church signs

Over the past months, I have accumulated some quotes from signs in front of churches. I've jotted them down to share with you. Even though there is some truth and wisdom in many of them, most are ridiculous to place on a church sign! Enjoy...
~Don't be so open-minded that your brain falls out.
~God doesn't believe in atheists; therefore, they don't exist.
~Beat the heat - choose Heaven.
~Pray or prey - your choice.
~Wanted: imperfect people, free trip 2 heaven, details inside.
~Labor 4 for Lord, His retirement plan is out of this world.

The third and fourth quotes are from the same church; the fifth and sixth quotes are from the same church; see a pattern in them? My personal favorite is quote two. I'm sure the pastor thought he was quite the smart little cookie when he came up with that one. But in actuality, he appears to be an idiot. Although it made me laugh, that is a rather stupid argument to present when debating with an atheist.