Monday, March 23, 2009

I'm still here

Hello everyone! I'm still here. This month has been busy with not a lot of much but I've been busy nonetheless.

I had another laser treatment last week. I've been miserable since then. We increased the laser intensity and I've felt the difference big time. There has been increased scabbing and that makes the recovery worse. Scabs irritate the skin and make me itchy!!!!!!!! Last night I went to sleep with an ice pack directly on my skin...that's how miserable I've been. I'll survive though. You just might have to put up with some complaining on my part.

I will get on here again soon, just wanted to say hello to any readers who were wondering where I was.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Lessons learned

Last night was the last session for a recent Bible study. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting with this group of women from my church. The mix of personalities and ages was all over the place and it worked so well. I will miss spending time with them.

The study was from the sermon on the mount. Should that be capitalized? Anyway, my mind and spirit were challenged each week as truths that I already knew were brought to light. The challenge? Takes that knowledge and live differently. How many times have I sat through a Bible study and live no differently the months following? I know a lot about God, but I need to start living it in my everyday life.

I've been in a rut lately and hoped this study would kick me out of it. And it has! Something that has troubled me for years now is the intimacy I used to have with the Lord and now don't have. I was yielded to the Spirit and couldn't get enough of the Word. I kept trying to get back to that place, and would fail miserably. What God showed me was I didn't need to go back to that place, but that I need to move forward to a new level of intimacy with Him. The past was good but I can reach ahead for an even better fellowship with Him!