Friday, November 21, 2008

Office moments

Doc walks into my office and I smile at him.
Doc: What?
Me: What? I'm just smiling.
Doc: You're a cute girl, you know that?
Me: I know. And I'm most proud of my humility.

OK...why does this have to come from a married, older man? Why can't someone my age, who is single, say this to me? Anyone? (crickets)

I just mailed an invoice to a customer who lives in Middlesex, NJ. Middlesex. How do you come up with the name of Middlesex for a town? Just asking.

For those of you who watch The Office on Thursday nights, you will enjoy this little tid-bit. We used to have a sign up in the break room which read: your mother does not work here, clean up after yourself. We have a problem with people making messes and not cleaning them up. People will use a plate or cup and leave it in the sink. The previous sign was for that said issue. Well, we seem to have more than just a dish issue. So yesterday, I decided to reword the sign a little and put this one up in its place: please clean up after yourself, that includes more than just the dishes you use. Why is this funny? If you watched The Office episode from last night, you know exactly why I am laughing at myself today!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Why I love singing

The choir sang the following song yesterday at church. I almost turned Bapticostal while singing it. Seriously. In both services, the congregation stood at the end and clapped to the Lord. The atmosphere was charged with a genuine spirit of praise and worship to our God! You couldn't help but sense the Spirit working in hearts throughout the building. I've copied the lyrics so you can read through them. I know not having the choir singing and the orchestra playing along diminishes the affect, but the words are strong enough on their own to speak to your heart.

Verse 1:
Hear the heart of heaven beating, Jesus saves. Jesus saves.
And the hush of mercy breathing, Jesus saves. Jesus saves.
Hear the host of angels sing, Glory to the newborn King.
And the sounding joy repeating, Jesus saves.

Verse 2:
See the humblest hearts adore Him, Jesus saves. Jesus saves.
And the wisest bow before Him, Jesus saves. Jesus saves.
See the sky alive with praise, melting darkness in its blaze.
There is life forevermore in Jesus saves.

Verse 3:
He will die, our burden bearing, Jesus saves. Jesus saves.
And our sin and sorrow sharing, Jesus saves. Jesus saves.
It is done will shout the cross! Christ has paid redemption cost!
While the empty tomb's declaring - Jesus saves!

Freedom’s calling, chains are falling, hope is dawning bright and true.
Day is breaking, night is quaking. God is making all things new.
Jesus saves.

Verse 4:
Oh to grace how great a debtor! Jesus saves. Jesus saves.
For the saints who sing together, Jesus saves. Jesus saves.
Rising up so vast and strong, lifting up salvation song.
The redeemed will sing forever - Jesus saves!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Time for an update

It's funny how some weeks I post multiple times on here, and then other weeks go by with nary a word. Like that word? Nary? I guess the use of it is proof I'm from the country. So...anyway...

Why is it that your thermostat can read 72 and your feet are ice cold? That's my dilemma at the house right now. I know the heat is on, but my toes and nose are always cold. Thanks to my cousin Suzanne, I have these adorable little, light blue socks made of the softest and warmest material. And I have broken out the sweatshirts for around-the-house evenings. Cozy socks and big sweatshirts; I'm styling.

The glassware I have at the house has proven to be nearly indestructible. I've dropped a glass from the cabinet to the floor, banged it against the porcelain sink with no cracks, brakes, nicks, nothing. But out of nowhere one will break with the slightest clank against something. I don't understand! Guess I hit it JUST right. Luckily, The World Market here in Nashville has the glassware I use! So last Saturday I replenished the dwindling supply in the cabinet.

There is this yummy Greek restaurant near where I work. I'm eating lunch there today! They have the best potato, cheese, egg thingy. So yum!

That's all for now folks.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Acting like a child

My workplace has a costume contest every Halloween. The first place winner receives $'s worth dressing up, wouldn't you say? This year, Marie Antoinette won the day. Second place went to the perfect housewife who had a baking accident. I didn't place but I had fun dressing up! I was Pippy Longstockings. I was amazed how many people did not know this character. Maybe I have an affinity for the girl since she has reddish hair. Here are some pictures from people at work.