Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Southern lady

I was browsing random blogs today and found a great link for us country/southern women. I loved it! The blog I got this from is a girl from the south, living in the north. I can't completely endorse this lady's blog...I don't know her from Eve, but her blog seems fun.


I just experienced a smidgin' of the awesomeness of my God! It is snowing in Nashville. It's not like the snow storms my friends up north are used to...but it IS the most amazing snow I've ever seen! I went outside to see if there was accumulation on the ground or road.

I stuck my arm out beyond the awning to capture some flakes on my sleeve. That's when it happened. The majesty of God filled my heart. I pulled my sleeve close to my eyes so I could see the pretty snowflake. My brain was confused at first. I thought I had a piece of glittery paper on my sleeve. The design of the snowflake looked just like a silver piece of plastic, cut into a snowflake shape. I just stood there and stared, not realizing the piece was a snowflake until it disappeared from melting. I stuck my arm out again, catching a few more pieces. Each piece looked different and perfect!

I've never seen a snowflake with such detail. Usually, I'm trying to get inside from the weather and I don't see the snow as it is falling. It is amazing that the God of this world, the God of everything, used a simple snowflake to reveal Himself to me. Isn't it just like God to use the simple to confound the wise.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Times in the life of a cat owner

I have conceded to leave the house with cat hair on my clothing. There's nothing I can do about the situation. My lent brush puts up a futile fight with my cats. They seems to win every time. So, I'll waste my time no more. If a good roll with the lent brush doesn't cut it - I'll just wear my cat-hair-covered outfits. Maybe a new fashion will emerge.

Sugar, my youngest baby, thinks she is still small enough to fit her entire body right below my neck. She loves this position and doesn't seem to care that she is in my way of breathing and seeing in front of me. The only thought Sugar has is to find a comfy position on mommy. As you can see from the picture, Sugar isn't a kitten anymore.

I had to be the bad mommy last week. One of my cats needed a pill. Cats don't take too kindly to pills. How shall I phrase it?...Cats like to eat only what they want. Forcing a pill down a cat's throat is, shall we say, difficult. I had Boots, my oldest baby, pinned between me and the corner of the couch. I needed both hands so this tactic was necessary. Eventually (like ten minutes later) the pill had been swallowed. Boots didn't speak to me the rest of the night. You cat owners know exactly what I mean by 'not speaking'.

With all the crazy things cats do, I must say I would not give up those moments. My cats are never more precious than when they are snuggled up against me and purring. The stress of my life steps to the side for that brief moment.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentine's Day song

Once again, I am posting a video from my friend Josh Wilson. This guy and his friends are so inventive. Sit back and enjoy!