Monday, June 22, 2009


I used to watch Jon and Kate plus eight on a some what regular basis. I ended up at home around the time the new episode came on and would watch it. Back at the beginning, the struggle to survive each day with six babies was interesting to me. Even though Kate was a smart mouth to Jon, I enjoyed watching the whole family interact.

Their children are adorable and they would make me smile with their cute sayings and facial expressions. But something has happened since the previous season to the one that started a couple of episodes ago. What in the world happened to this adorable family and the couple named Jon and Kate Gosselin?

On tonight's new episode, Jon and Kate told us they are separating. That news did not shock me, I was expecting it. What I wasn't ready for was their blase attitude about their marriage. The only thing they would talk about was the children. What about the two of you? Kate said Jon never talks with her about the trouble between them. This may sound mean but, after watching this show for a couple of years, I can see why he would be hesitate to converse about anything. Kate barks at Jon, calls out faults in front of people, argues with him in front of the kids. Would you want to talk with someone like that?

Now, before you go off on me with the previous statement. I'm not letting Jon off the hook, by any means. I've never been good at communication. Knowing this about myself, I work on it. I am better at talking with people than five years ago. What about Jon? Looks to me like he has never taken steps to improve in this area. A marriage that works demands communication.

Both Jon and Kate spoke of the last year being tough. A year. Actually the last seven months. Seriously? Seven months and your separating? What?! What have you done in attempts to reconcile with each other? Have you talked through any of the struggles? It appears that neither of them want to work through this. And that saddens me.

There are many other things I could say in this post but I'll refrain. I'm sad for them. I'm very sad for the children. They have to go to school with kids who have parents who watch that show. What comments will they have to live through because of their parents decisions? So sad.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A little rant

“One of the most dangerous threats facing black America right now is quietly stealing our children at a young age. Incarceration is becoming the new American apartheid, and poor children of color are the fodder. So many poor black babies in rich America enter the world with multiple strikes against them: born without prenatal care, at low birth weight and to a poor, and poorly educated, teenage single mother and an absent father.”

This is from an article I just read on I agree that many black babies are born on a road that many times leads right to jail or poverty.

My beef with this article is the misplacement of what to do about it. From the above quote, I can site one huge area that will help with the volume the writer speak of – single teen mothers with no father present. Is it really so difficult for a parent to teach a female child to keep her legs closed and a male child to keep his ‘stuff’ zipped up?! I would like to see statistics on the parents of these single moms and absent dads. Did they finish high school? Are they on government assistance (first or second generation)? Is the father present?

And this discussion should be talked about within each race represented in the United States of America. I’m a white female but have many friends who fit the above description. Many parents do not instill into their child a moral code that, at the least, keeps them from becoming a parent before high school graduation. I know many people would scream at me for such a statement, but its truth. Sorry for not sugar coating it.

Many people say my suggestion for fixing this situation is naive and out-of-touch. So often society and media outlets tell us it is unreasonable to ask kids to abstain from sexual behavior until are young adults. It wasn't unreasonable for me! I simply chose not to do it. It's called self-control and making choices WAY before the circumstance arose. I find it selfish to bring a child into this world when you yourself are a child and can't support it.

OK, rant over.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Recommended reading

I love to read. Now I confess that I go weeks to months without reading a book. But, I always return to one of my dearest joys - a good book.

I'm in book two of a three part series from Francine Rivers titled "Mark of the Lion." The first book was absolutely wonderful. The character development was well done and she hooked me on the simple yet tremendous life of a slave girl in the height of the Roman empire, 70 A.D.

Book two has not let me down either. I only started reading it last night and I have it with me to read over lunch. For me, it's one of those books you can't put down even though the clock says 1:15 AM and you have to work in a few short hours.

Anyway, just wanted to recommend Francine Rivers to you as an author to consider in your next read. I would start with her spectacular modern telling of the book of Hosea titled "Redeeming love." I would read that book again, and I'm not one for re-reading anything.