Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Walking contradiction

I'm a walking contradiction. Ask any of my friends and they will tell you that I'm a detail-oriented person, one that pays attention to the small things in a project. They will tell you that I'm dependable and trustworthy. They will tell you I will finish a project given to me. I remember details most people don't even notice.

But at the same time I am forgetful. I start many a project that I never finish. I start something with good intentions then leave it. How can someone be so opposite in her ways? Well, while walking this morning (I've started something here...we'll see how long it lasts) these were the thoughts running through my mind.

I walked a 5K last Saturday with some friends from church. Our choir director hosted an invitational run/walk. We got a cool t-shirt :) A 5K is just over three miles, that's it. But those three miles showed me how out of shape I am. That's where the walking this morning comes into play. I've decided, and I think with help from the 5K, that I need to get out of bed and exercise in the morning. I've allowed myself to gain too much weight over the last nine years. The scale has slowing but surely gone up.

One of the pictures from the walk on Saturday showed me with a major double chin. I DON'T WANT A DOUBLE CHIN! So, as of yesterday I started walking around my neighborhood. Mind you, I've done this before. It lasted about a week. This time I am hoping for a longer run.

Why can't I keep up with exercise? I know part of the problem is doing it alone. Guess I need to find someone who will walk with me. But most of my friends run. I can't ask them to walk. That would be unfair to them.

Here's to sticking with something that doesn't really have an end to it. I need to exercise my whole life, not just until a certain amount of weight comes off.


Mandy said...

I'll walk with you whenever you want. And also, I can or will pester you about it and call it accountability. It's one of "special" things about me. :)

Iosif said...

Very interesting subject and very nice blog!
After all it takes will and we are sure that you make it! You can do it and only!
It is said that ambition and faith can move mountains ......... and hope to be so in your case. My family and I wish you good health and happiness!
hi with respect!

Experiences of a Homemaker said...

I'm AWFUL about sticking with an exercise routine too. I have no idea why. I see all of these people faithfully working out, and I never can seem to do it. I always get all crazy about it for a week or so, then give up. Sometimes what helps me is to make little rules for myself - like I have to do 30 crunches or sit-ups before eating or drinking anything, all day. It ends up being a lot of abdominal work!

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