Friday, September 25, 2009

Self talk

Last Thursday, I started a new Bible study with some ladies from church. It's all about what we tell ourselves day in and day out. You know, those things you speak to yourself - I'm stupid, I'll never finish that project, I'm not pretty enough for him, I'm so behind, I'm a failure. I could go on and on with so many things we speak to ourselves in the privacy of our minds.

The problem with that is the majority of those things are negative. We, in turn, use those thoughts to build a life. We label ourselves according to the contents of those thoughts. And usually, they are not what God knows about us or says we are.

I'm being reminded that I must tell myself the truth. God's truth. If I listen to not just the world around me but myself, I will have a mind full of lies and junk. God wants me to build a life on His truth, His power, His provision, His grace and mercy. Most of the things I tell myself are not based on God's truth. I have to change that.


jason&janice said...

Seriously, it's time for a new post! :)

Fortune Articles said...

Its an active internal involvement of the individual in symbolic processing of messages...