Monday, September 21, 2009

I'll go with that one...with a side of that

Let us pick from the thoughts floating through my head right now. Like a cafeteria, I'll randomly select some things to tell you.

Last week was the opener for many sitcoms and shows. Two of my favorites came back last Thursday night, Fringe and The Office. As always, The Office gave me some awkward moments to live through and silly situations. I'm reminded all the time of my real workplace. Fringe did not let me down, either. The writer have set up a great season. I love the cow. If you watch the show, you know exactly what I mean.

A Ladies Bible study started last Thursday night, as well. Everything happens all at once, doesn't it? This study is called Me, Myself and Lies. I look forward to getting to know the ladies in the group. A small group like this allows me to get past a simple hello in the hallway at church. Once again, God has brought a random group of women together for this one. But, as we all know, nothing is random with God!

My dear friend Mandy will celebrate her thirty-first birthday next Thursday! I've planned some fun stuff for her this Friday night. I have to pay her back for the awesome birthday present - Heart in concert! I promise you Mandy, you will LOVE Friday night.

I just want to say again that I love my church and especially the choir and orchestra. Never have I been in a church where the musicians were so close with each other and desired to minister to the rest of the members as passionately as this group does. I look forward to rehearsals on Wednesday nights. And truly feel like we minister to the congregation on Sunday mornings. Last night, the orchestra blessed us with a concert. They filled the stage area. Actually, they are growing and pushing the choir out of the loft! This is a great problem to have.

Has Nashville, Tennessee moved to Seattle, Washington? This constant rain sure seems like it. The sun is out today for the first time since Friday afternoon.


Wylie said...

Ok, since I am a "blogger" now, I thought I'd come here to respond to this, instead of on FB & surprise you! Wanted to tell you that I am so exited about your bible study & what God is going to do w/ this group. Jill told me she was SO blessed by the first week & this sweet group. I wish I could do 2 studies at once & join you ladies!

Secondly, the orchestra concert was awesome. The testimonies were awesome. I was so blessed by it as well.

Thirdly, I can't wait to hear about your Friday night w/ Mandy. I might try to get the scoop out of you at choir tomorrow so I can bask in this secret with you from the alto section. HA!

unfinishedbusiness1001 said...

You don't have to pay me back for your birthday gift! I find joy in finding just the right gift to bless someone and that one just worked out! :)

I'm excited about our Bible study, too. I love Jennifer Rothschild!