Thursday, September 10, 2009

Remembering my Grandma New

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. My Grandma New passed away from it in 1991. I was fourteen. I was devastated. My Grandma Smith passed away in 1969, right before my oldest brother was born. None of us knew her. Maybe that's why I was so affected by Grandpa New's passing. I had a great-grandma that was alive until I was in late elementary/early junior high, but I still had only the one grandma.

I miss her, still. She made the best pies. You know the kind, homemade crust, custard filling, meringue on top. She would make a pie for your birthday. She made really yummy biscuits, which was a staple in the house. That or cornbread. She introduced me to coffee. Yuck! Or at least that is what I thought at a young age. It's rather delicious now.

She kept a strawberry patch. I remember helping weed that stupid thing. But I loved the time spent with grandma. I remember one day in particular. We may have been weeding, we could have been picking berries. I don't recall. What I do remember is this: grandma's phone kept ringing. The first couple of times she didn't care. She walked back into the house and answered the phone. It must have been picking time, people were probably calling to check if she still had berries to pick. Anyway, she came back outside each time. When the phone rang one time she straightened herself, looked back at the house and said, "Well shit!" I looked up at her in such disbelief! My grandma had just cussed! I still laugh about it.

I also remember her singing. She had an old hymnal at the house and she would sit at the window and sing. Maybe that's where I learned some older songs, ones we don't sing anymore. Thank you grandma for giving me a love for singing.

One time while spending the night, my cousin Christa and I slept in grandma's bed while she slept on the couch. That couch was not comfortable for sleep. But she still gave up her bed. I remember her telling us a scary story, we laid there scared to go to sleep! Thanks grandma...maybe that's where my overactive brain comes from.

You know the powder that you get in a round container? My grandma had that. And whenever I see or smell those, I remember her. And I miss her all over again. I love you grandma and am ready to see you again!

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